WEEK 6 – Solutions Proposed: Local Small

I believe it will be rational to have an attempt to solve the problem concerning social ads or the production of contra within a structure that centralizes NGO’s and universities (or science), which is inevitable despite the corruption in the public sphere. This activity produced in a free area could be supported by corporations, market, and the government, but they could never be at the centre of this production.

If the solution is sought in the production realized by the advertising companies today, we will have demolished a value (area, source) that belongs to the public and is needed by everyone, and this might be quite difficult to compensate it in future. The situation I mention here is something more than an ethical evaluation but rather a technical and indisputable decision such as the prevention of contaminating drinking water.

The solution proposed here is not a research and production option that considers NGO’s and science as the centre. This is just a starting point to reach the solutions to serious problems, yet there exist no other starting points.

The production of any social ad or contra cannot be started without using a scientific method and centralizing institutions where individuals come together for the good of the society and work for the others.

There is no doubt that the extent to which universities are in relation to science and how much freedom/autonomy NGO’s and other institutions related to science possess is rather problematic. Moreover, the ones that compose media, law and health systems, and the parliament that we criticize of being contaminated are also the ones that compose universities and NGO’s. They are not established by the Japanese, Hungarian or Nigerian, but it is us, the people of this land, who found them. Accordingly, from certain aspects, universities and NGO’s situation is more tragic than that of the world of trade.

Despite everything, we have no other choice. It is quite difficult to solve the problems with the plans made by big corporations and by the state with a top-down structure on the periphery in the centre. The essence of building healthy relationships with the local and the solutions to the local problems lie in also in the local and the small NGO’s founded in the periphery and the direct relationships that scientists build with them.

The operation today does not resemble the one that I propose in the previous paragraph. The social and ecological social responsibility projects that are planned by big NGO’s with the support of big corporations in big cities are implemented in the local contexts. Although this is definitely not a healthy way of doing it as a century-long experience shows it, the operation is simply so.

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